A BRITISH fashion designer has died after falling from a six-foot-tall loft bed in her New York apartment.

Tansy Stowell, 28, was found on the floor bleeding from the head by her boyfriend on Tuesday after a night out, police said.

The fashion graduate, from Maidstone in Kent, was rushed to Woodhull Hospital Center but doctors were unable to save her.

She was later pronounced dead.

Police believe the woman lost her balance and fell down the ladder of her loft bed and struck her head on a hook in the ceiling.

The hook was found torn from the ceiling near Tansy's body on the ground.

Tansy's boyfriend told cops the pair came back to the Brooklyn apartment in the early hours of the morning after a night out.

They had both been drinking at a bar the night before, her boyfriend told cops.

He found his girlfriend's body hours later when he woke up to use the bathroom, police said.

Police believe Tansy's death is a freak accident, but an autopsy has been scheduled to determine how she died.

Tansy's boyfriend is not being considered as a suspect, according to a police report.

An investigation is still ongoing.