After the traumatising and sudden death of his former partner, Apisai Koroisau would have been forgiven if he never returned to his former self.

At 21 years old the NRL star had returned home to find his de facto girlfriend, Cordelia, dead.

Three years have passed and he has now opened up to The Daily Telegraph about how he put the pieces of his life together again to keep moving forward at a time he questioned if he could.

'I definitely wasn't sure if I'd ever make it back,' Koroisau candidly admitted.

The world as he knew it was shattered, but somehow, Koroisau stands today with resilience, strength and a firmer understanding of himself.

He said his new partner, Amy, was his rock through times of doubt as he worked through grief to re-determine his place in life.

'It wasn't a day that it clicked for me. It was a process. You start by getting back into things and you start training again,' Koroisau said.