Utopia Taos Brooks, 18, is Maine's drug epidemic's latest victim.

Brooks, of Sanford, is one of at least nine people who have overdosed on a drug being sold in the Sanford area. Two other people have died from the mixture, and six people have overdosed but survived.

Brooks died over the weekend after ingesting the substance last week, her mother, Lynn Dunton, said.

Special section: Maine's Heroin Epidemic

"There was no more room for her brain in her head, and she died," Dunton said.

Dunton said her daughter's death is the third drug-related death for her family. But what killed Utopia remains a question.

Police believe all of the victims thought they were taking heroin, but Dunton said heroin did not show up in her daughter's system.

Toxicology results from the medical examiner's officers will determine what was in her blood.

Dunton said she hopes her daughter's death highlights the growing network of addiction.

"There's the center, which is the drug dealer, and there are all these people who need that drug and will do anything to have that drug," she said.

Dunton said she is not angry at the person who gave the substance to her daughter. She said she is concerned about spreading Utopia's kindness.

"People need to look at each other and say I love you more often," she said. "People need to look at each other and say, 'You need a drink? Here, have my last sip of my water.' Maybe we need to come together as a community, as a city, as county, as a state, as a country and say it needs to stop."

Brooks was living with her boyfriend, who told WMTW News 8 that he also did a drug but did not overdose. He said he was cooperating with the police investigation.

Five of Brooks' organs have gone to or are on their way to donors, Dunton said.