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His beaming smile knew a private agony that burned.
This is in memory of my friend Luk. I've personally battled with how, when, and why to write this. Not only because every keypress is painful to make, but because I was unsure how to handle it publicly. I think the reason why that is will become clear as you read on.

First, I have to start with the facts because they are important. In late December 2013 Luk told a friend of his in Russia over chat that he planned to take his own life on January 1st 2014 by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. She pleaded with him not to but he told her his mind was made up. Shortly after that he wrote a gist to his friends and family apologizing for his actions and explaining his lifelong battle with depression. Although he wrote that gist on December 26th, he did not send it to his friends and family until very shortly before the end. I have omitted the text here because it crosses the line from memorial into voyeurism. Then after writing his goodbye note, he went on with his life as usual.

He asked me to see a movie with him in Oakland.

He continued his work on npm at Yahoo.

He even went to a New Year's Eve party with friends.

On the afternoon of New Year's Day he sent this tweet. It was a reference to the facetime party snoozer, which had been his meme du jour at the time. Finally at about 5pm (and this is where it gets second hand) a 9-year-old girl saw a man matching Luk's description wearing a purple hoodie jump off the Golden Gate bridge. She was sitting in the back of her parents car stuck in traffic.

I am eternally grateful that there was traffic at that particular time, that a little girl I'll never meet had the presence of mind to tell her parents and that her parents actually did something about it by contacting the CHP (California Highway Patrol). I am grateful because it is the one fact that allowed a private investigator to painstakingly piece together a working timeline of events for what happened. In fact, all of those who were closest to Luk are all indebted to the graciousness of Yahoo, specifically Marisa Mayer who went out of her way to make sure Yahoo hired this private investigator to get to the bottom of this.