A 32-year-old Utah mom gunned down her two young daughters and then herself on Tuesday — just one day after her fiancé came to move his things out of their shared Syracuse home.

Kyler Ramsdell-Oliva shot daughters Kenadee, 13, and Isabella, 7, around 6 p.m. before turning the gun on herself.

Her fiancé, KSTU-TV reported, was outside with a U-Haul truck just as the gunshots rang out. Police had supervised the couple as the unidentified man moved his belongings out of the home around 6 p.m. Monday.

Cops quickly ruled the man out as a suspect, the Deseret News reported.

"It's considered a murder-suicide, so there are no suspects at large. We've spoken to the fiancé (and) we've spoken to the family. … And that's when we came to the conclusion it was a murder-suicide," Syracuse Police Officer Erin Behm told the newspaper.

Police first came to the home Monday. About 24 hours later, tragedy struck.

Police say the family had lived in the town for about three months — and the young girls had only just entered school. Kenadee, an eighth-grader at a local junior high, had only attended one day of school while Isabella, a first-grader, attended about a week of classes, the Deseret News reported.

The mother's Facebook page is littered with photos of herself and two young daughters in happier times. And friends and family members wrote tributes to the woman on her page.

"When I was talking to you I thought it was going to be OK," one woman wrote. "A piece of my heart has gone with you and the girls. I love you my dearest one."

Just last week, Ramsdell-Oliva wrote that she was "feeling annoyed" as she wrote on Facebook about apparent relationship troubles.

"I hate people who feel it's their right to come in the middle of a relationship and try to fix it or give their opinion," she wrote. "You aren't in that relationship for a reason so don't put yourself in between it. Focus on your own life and your own problems."

Cops have not released a motive for the crime and autopsies are pending.

Syracuse lies on the east coast of the Great Salt Lake, about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City.