Salina police said Friday morning that more arrests are anticipated in the death of a Salina woman whose body was found Thursday near the intersection of Interstate highways 135 and 70.

"This investigation is not over," Salina police Lt. Scott Siemsen said during a press briefing. "It does not end there (with finding the body)."

Joel M. Heil, 24, Salina, was booked into the Saline County Jail on a charge of premeditated first-degree murder. Heil, whom law officers had been seeking and who had been named as a person of interest in the disappearance of 27-year-old Kristin Tyler, was arrested Wednesday at an Abilene hotel.

Siemsen said Friday morning that police believed Heil could have had a firearm when police broke in the door of the hotel room. However, Siemsen said Heil was not armed when he was arrested.

He said Tyler's death might have occurred at the location where her body was found, in the bottom of a small ravine a short distance from the Interstate overpass.

Her body was found by a deputy, who was among deputies and other officers searching near bridges in the county as the result of investigative information, Siemsen said.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is investigating the crime scene, and Salina police and Saline County Sheriff's Office are working together on the case.

Seimsen also said that authorities are investigating leads from family members about previous encounters between Tyler and Heil.