A woman was found dead and another was taken to the hospital in serious condition on Wednesday after a business owner called police about two people inside a vacant unit at the Anthony Wayne Village Center at the 4300-block of S. Anthony Blvd.

According to police, the caller said he saw two women inside a vacant unit that is used for storage at the strip mall, thought they needed assistance, and called police around 2 p.m. The caller also said there was a suspicious odor coming from inside the unit.

The nature of the death is still under investigation but according to officials on the scene, there were no visible signs of trauma. Police do not suspect foul play at the moment. The Fort Wayne Fire Department did not immediately detect a culprit for the reported suspicious odor.

This was the second time police had been called to that area. About an hour before this call, police an anonymous call saying there was a "dead boy and possibly another in the lot across from Belmont Beverage." Foster said the caller hung up and didn't give any more details. This call was dispatched out as a "problem unknown."

When police arrived, they searched the area around the plaza and the area near the Belmont Beverage store. Officers said during that search they did make contact with the soon-to-be occupants of 4331 S. Anthony and went into the vacant unit. The space was reported to be under construction or being remodeled. No one was found inside the unit at that time.

The Allen County Coroner identified the woman who died as Dana M. Gersper, 33, of Fort Wayne. The cause and manner of death are pending.