A maintenance worker at a southwest Houston apartment complex got an unusual request from a tenant who needed help to move a "bundle" from his apartment to a truck parked outside.

The bundle, investigators said, turned out to be a human corpse, and the tenant is now in the Harris County Jail charged with murder.

Omar Ibrahim, 21, is also charged with tampering with evidence, a human corpse, court records show. A judge set $200,000 bail for Ibrahim, who was arrested in Idaho on Friday by the U.S. Marshals Service, according to police.

He is accused of killing 46-year-old Adrian Castro-Villasenor, who authorities said was strangled. The body had fingernail marks on the throat and lacerations above an eye, police said.

'Bundle' was heavy

The maintenance worker, Sergio Peria-Mejia, told police he arrived at the Plaza on West- heimer apartments, 2757 Briar Grove, on Sept. 17 to repair a damaged wall that had been reported a week earlier, according to an arrest warrant filed last week. A man in his 20s answered the door and asked the maintenance worker to come back later.

When Peria-Mejia stopped by later that day, the same man requested his help to carry a large object from the apartment to his vehicle, police said. The maintenance worker complied.

The tenant picked up one end of the "bundle," which was wrapped in three layers of rugs and bedding and tied with 20 belts and cords, and the maintenance man grabbed the other end.

Blood leaking out

The two carried the bundle out of the apartment for about 20 feet toward a beige Toyota 4 Runner that was backed up close to the apartment door, according to the arrest warrant.

Peria-Mejia saw what he believed to be blood leaking out of the blankets and set the bundle down.

The maintenance man told Ibrahim that he couldn't help him, despite his pleas, according to investigators.

Ibrahim asked Peria-Mejia "if he had any friends that could help him to move the bundle," according to the complaint. Peria-Mejia told him no and returned to the apartment to complete the repair job.

"Peria-Mejia then heard a thud, walked back into the living room and observed the 'bundle' back in the living room and the suspect gone from the apartment," police said. The maintenance worker went to the apartment office to report the incident.

Castro-Villasenor's sister told investigators that he had been in a relationship with "Omar," whom she described as a "jealous person who fought with (the victim) about socializing with other people," the arrest warrant states