A Valley family is grieving after 19-year-old Joshua Ruzsa died after trying to escape bees on Camelback Mountain Monday afternoon.

Ruzsa, a Marine recruit, fell 150 feet off a steep part of the mountain. His family told ABC15 he was training with two other recruits. He was set to start boot camp next month.

?He loved the values of the Marines, he loved the challenge, and I know he would have been a great one,? said his father Denis Ruzsa.

Joshua trained almost every day and was familiar with the trail. Firefighters said the group was found about 100 feet off the trail. Ruzsa's family said Joshua warned his fellow recruits that bees were up ahead before he fell.

?He did want any Marine would do, protect his brother,? said Denis.

One kid received 300 stings. The other received more than 1,000. Both are still in the hospital Tuesday night.

If you are interested in helping the family, they've set up an account at Wells Fargo Bank.

You can donate to the Joshua Ruzsa Memorial fund.''