An American teenage student has died after the Lamborghini she was driving crashed and caught fire in Abu Dhabi.

Authorities in the United Arab Emirate's capital said that Aya Hadir Ghais, 19, was travelling in the high-powered vehicle alone when the horrific accident happened on Saturday.

Despite firefighters arriving on the scene in Defence Road within four minutes and extinguishing the fire, she could not be freed in time.

The teenager, who friends say dreamed of one day being a mother, had been married for two years.

Her Lebanese husband Makram Ghais flew to his home country on Sunday with her body to prepare for the funeral.

The couple married when Aya was 17 and she took up her studies at the Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi when he moved there to work for a UAE-based company.

Aya is the eldest sibling to a sister, Sarah, 18, and two brothers, all of whom live with her parents in Lebanon.

Speaking to The National, Captain Abdullah Al Tamimi, from Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, said: 'She must have been driving too fast. Her car hit the kerb, overturned and caught fire.'
Mrs Ghais was studying law and economics at and was extremely popular.

On Monday around 100 of the teenager's grieving friends held a memorial walk for Aya, where they recited verses from the Quran, read poetry, carried candles and roses and released white balloons in memory of their friend.
'She was always cheerful, very dedicated and hardworking. She was on her way to the campus library on Saturday when the incident happened,' said Ruba Obaid, a 20-year-old student of economics at the university.

'We used to see each other every day in university. She was always happy, always smiling and I am sure she never, ever hurt anyone.

'If she saw anyone crying, whether she knew that person or not, she would go ahead and help them," said Rama Hattab, an 18-year-old student who was also Aya's roommate during a ski trip.
Rama said it was only the second time she had driven the powerful car.

'It was her second time to ride this car which came for her from Lebanon. I thank God that she died instantly at the crash and did not suffer for long,' she said.

Ms Ghais crashed on a bridge entering Al Reem Island, described as a 'chic urban metropolis' of shopping, hotels and luxurious homes.

Memorial walk organiser, Issam Kabbara, told 7 Days in Dubai that he hopes the walk will become an annual event to remember Aya and others killed in road traffic accidents.