One of the victims in Wednesday afternoon's rampage in Arlington lost his life while sitting and waiting at a stop light.

Authorities said Thomas Lester Harper, 27, an Arlington resident who was driving with his twin toddlers in the car, had been involved in a previous accident involving two other vehicles just moments earlier.

He fled the scene at a high speed, ultimately becoming involved in another chain-reaction crash involving eight vehicles.

Najee Nasir, 42, was killed during the crash involving eight cars.

His pickup truck was slammed into from behind by the suspect, as he waited at a stop light at the intersection of Collins and Brown Boulevard.

"This shouldn't have happened to him," said his mother, Idastean Winston.

She said her son grew up in Columbus, Ohio, spent seven years in the Marines and recently moved to North Texas to find a job.

Winston broke down as she spoke about her youngest son, calling the bizarre accident a "senseless act."

"I just remember his smile and his willingness to help," she said.