Two of the first phone calls about an accident that killed a Katy ISD student Tuesday went to two of the people who loved him most.

Lauren Burns was driving by and saw the accident on Katy Mills Blvd. and I-10. A tractor trailer had collided with a pickup.

"When we passed by the accident, I thought, 'I hope no one died.' I saw the stretcher, somebody called me a few minutes later," Burns said.

The caller said her longtime friend, Chase Dolan, had been in that pickup and had died.

"I've known Chase since kindergarten and he was my second friend, and he was my first kiss and my first obsession," said Burns.

Dolan's dad, Chris, also got a call to head to the hospital.

"I went into a panic that something bad had happened to my son—and it had," said Chris Dolan.

Chase Dolan's friend was behind the wheel of the pickup. They were both thrown from the truck during the collision. Dolan was killed when the tractor trailer flipped, and landed on him. His friend survived.

Both drivers told police they had a green light. Whatever the outcome - the Dolan family is relying on faith.

"I forgive. I hold no grudges. I forgive whose ever fault it was, it doesn't matter," Chris Dolan said. "My child's gone. I have to mourn his loss."

Chase Dolan's young friends are also mourning.
"He'll stick up for anybody. I came to the U.S. from Holland, didn't have any friends. I was kind of weird and he stuck up for me a lot," said Michael Sam-Sin.

Chase Dolan loved the outdoors -- hunting and fishing -- and he was full of life.

"He loved to make people laugh and stuff like that. He was a cut up for sure," Dolan said.
Above all, the teen loved his family.
"I dropped him off to school. He was always one of those kids that said, 'I love you dad.' Make sure you tell your kids and your family and everybody that you love them," said Chris Dolan.