An 11-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy committed suicide by suffocating himself months after being bullied and robbed of an iPhone.

Mitchell Wilson, of Pickering in Ontario, Canada, was out walking when his face and teeth were smashed into the pavement by a boy from his school.

A 12-year-old was arrested and removed from the school, but Mitchell's father said his disabled boy was never the same after the attack.

Mitchell was attacked last November for the Apple iPhone he had borrowed from his father Craig Wilson, reported the Huffington Post.

He was scared of bullies who picked on him because of his disability and the attack made him even more stressed and anxious, Mr Wilson said.

'Subsequent to the beating that he took, he just lost that spark you see in a kid's eye,' Mr Wilson told CTV Canada AM.

'He had huge anxiety attacks about going outside and going for his walks and going to school by himself.'

Mitchell lost his mother three years ago to skin cancer - and he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy last year, reported the National Post.

Doctors had told Mitchell his muscular dystrophy could be helped by walking outside, but he was scared of doing this after the attack.

Mitchell committed suicide and was found dead in his bedroom earlier this month on the day he was due to start a new school year.

It was also one day after he received a subpoena to testify against his alleged attacker, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Mr Wilson said his son was embarrassed and apologised to him because he could not stop the attacker beating him up.

The 12-year-old was due to appear in court on Wednesday, but prosecutors said it was too soon after the suicide.

Now there appears to be nobody to testify at the trial and the charge of assault could be dropped. A new trial date has been set for November 21.

Mitchell's grandmother Pam Wilson said his family 'don't want to be a lynch squad' and are only trying to help the attacker have a better life.