On St. Patricks day 2007 at 10:13am my mom, sister and sisters boyfriend were on there way back from breakfast From Sullivan Wisconsin and were hit by a drunk driver with an alcohol count of .39.

My sister was 24 years old and it was 1 month and 3 days befor her birthday. She was killed instantly.
MY sisters boyfriend was 25 and he was a helicopter mechanic, and he also died instantly.
My mom was half ejected out of the drivers seat, she was severely injured.

She was flown flight for life to Fredhort Lutheran Memorial Hospital in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.
She suffered 18 fractured ribs, fractured skull, numerous facial fractures, her left ear was ripped off, she had a fractured pelvis, fractured right hip, fractured left heal, fractured left wrist, and a lot of road rash. She was in ICU for 2 weeks.
She was in the hospital for a total of 3 weeks and they werent sure when she got there that she would even survive a week. She still is going through a lot of recovery surgery's and is alive.

I am very greatful that I didnt lose my mom. I was the only blood related family member to sign papers stating that the two who passed were that of my sister and her boyfriend. I miss them more than ever and my life has changed for life.
My sister had just made the deans list for her college with making up her own blueprints plans. I am 17 years old and it is very hard to not only lose a sister but your best friend, secert saver, and most of all your role model. I cannot believe that the drunk driver was over 4 times the legal limit.

The Mother is Dawn Gilbert, 10/31/64, 42, Postlake,WI US
THe Sister was Amanda Kwick 04/20/82, 24, Antigo,WI US
The sisters Boyfriend was Paul JUSTIN Clark 12/13/81, 25, New Jersey US