Mesa police found photos of a murder victim posing nude in a shower and, minutes later, lying in his bathroom "bleeding profusely," according to a report released this week.

The photos, found on the digital card of a water-damaged camera, include his suspected killer posing naked on a bed the afternoon of the killing.

The graphic photos from the June slaying of Travis Alexander, 30, a businessman and motivational speaker, were revealed in a Mesa police report after defendant Jodi Ann Arias, 28, the victim's ex-girlfriend, was extradited from northern California on Friday to face first-degree murder charges.

Police also found other evidence tying Arias to the murder, including a bloody palm print that matched both her and Alexander's DNA.

Arias was indicted Monday by a Maricopa County grand jury, and Juan Martinez, one of the state's top death-penalty prosecutors, was assigned to the case.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has not formally filed legal papers to seek the death penalty.

"Jodi was described as being completely obsessed with Travis by his family and his closest friends," the report said.

When police were called to Alexander's upscale east Mesa home June 9, they found his body sitting in the shower, with his throat cut from ear to ear, the report said. It is unknown how long his body was there, but the report noted it was "well into the decomposition process."

Wounds show that Alexander attempted to fight his attacker, the report said. A spent .25 caliber casing was found near the sink. An autopsy found Alexander sustained 27 puncture wounds and one gunshot wound, with the bullet found in his left cheek.

The digital camera, which belonged to Alexander, was heavily damaged in the washing machine but the digital card was intact. Scientists in the Mesa police crime lab recovered the photos, some of which had been deleted.

Deleted pictures showed the victim posing naked in the shower on June 4 at 5:22 p.m., with the last picture showing him alive at 5:30 p.m. Subsequent photos showed him bleeding while on the floor, the report said.

The pictures of Arias posing naked on Alexander's bed were taken at 1:40 p.m. the same afternoon, the report said. "All were nude pictures and some in provocative sexual poses," the report said.

Arias' bloody left palm print was found on the bathroom wall, the report said. Arias' DNA also was found in hair recovered from a bloody hallway wall.

The report said the photos are important because they show Arias lied about not seeing Alexander since April 2008.

Numerous photos of Alexander and Arias were posted on Arias' page as a memorial album.

"You are as enlightened as you are beautiful," Alexander wrote in a January 2007 blog in reaction to a series of inspirational quotes posted by Arias. "Those are some good ones."

In her latest message on the social networking Web site, Arias wrote that she missed Alexander. "See you soon my friend but not soon enough."

Arias told police that the couple dated for five months but broke up in June 2007 "after some jealousy issues on the part of both of them," but privately continued a sexual relationship after that.

Arias is being held at a Maricopa County jail on a $2 million bond, according to court records. She had been living in Yreka with her parents and working as bartender prior to her arrest in July.