New information in the brutal murder of a young Bonita Springs woman. 25-year-old Tia Poklemba was found bloody Friday morning. One of the men who found her, while she was still alive, shares his shocking story.

"That right there was unreal. That was, oh man, that looked like something that was in the movies right there," said Jessie Livermon.

But for Livermon, a gruesome discovery early Friday morning was no movie. Livermon says he and his uncle were delivering papers along Pioneer Road in San Carlos Park, when he saw a woman on the road who looked hurt.

"Her clothes was ripped open. She just looked, I didn't even think she was as bad as she was until she laid down and you see all the marks on her," said Livermon.

According to police, that victim was 25-year-old Tia Poklemba.

"Her skin, she had big holes in her skin. Her hair was like it got pulled out all over her body. It looked some somebody dragged her with a vehicle for a long ways," said Livermon.

According to Livermon, Poklemba was alive, but barely.

He says he called 911, while his uncle stayed with the victim.

"All of a sudden she started trying to gasp for air and she laid back and he was asking her who she was with and what happened and she told him she was with friends and that was the last thing she said to him," said Livermon.

He says Poklemba died about 20 minutes later.

Some of her neighbors, who spoke off camera with WINK News, say she was a nice girl, who was born and raised in Bonita Springs.

And even though Livermon didn't know her, he says he'd like to see justice.

"I hope they get caught. I'm praying they get caught. That was terrible," said Livermon.

Deputies want help to find out what happened to Poklemba. They want to talk to anyone who may have seen her Thursday evening or early Friday morning. If you have any information, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at