A 19-year-old woman who was hit and killed by a driver is the daughter of the founder of Paraquad, Inc a not-for-profit community-based Center for Independent Living.

Max Starkloff championed the rights of people with disabilities for decades, but tonight, the founder of Paraquad is asking for help to find his daughter's killer.

It was just after 1 a.m. when Emily Starkloff got off the MetroLink after visiting friends in Maplewood.

Starkloff was trying to cross the street at Forest Park Blvd and Taylor in Central West End when she was hit by a car.

"I can't comprehend somebody killing somebody like that and living with it for the rest of their lives," said Max Starkloff, Emily's father. "That's what this person is doing, he or she. Come forth."

Police haven't been able to tell the family much because they did not find any witnesses at the scene. An officer traveling eastbound on Forest Park Blvd discovered Emily's body and called for an ambulance.

Emily attended St. Elizabeth and Maplewood High Schools. She was studying to become an ICU nurse possibly after seeing how they helped her father in the past.