Hasil Adkins (pronounced "Hassle," not "Haysil") (April 29, 1937 - April 25, 2005), was an Appalachian country, rock and roll and blues musician, though he was frequently considered rockabilly and sometimes primitive jazz. He generally performed as a one-man band, playing guitar and drums at the same time and singing. Hasil was equally skilled on the harmonica and on keyboard.

After the mid-1990s, he began performing less often, though he retained his popularity with music critics and celebrants of all things outsiderish, such as Joe Coleman and John Zorn. Hasil Adkins had a very strong influence on the band The Cramps, with whom he played a number of shows. Adkins''s cult status is kept alive to the present day by the growing appreciation of, and demand for, the work of mavericks and misfits. He retains a fan base, particularly amongst followers of outsider music.

On April 15, 2005, Adkins was deliberately run over in his front yard by a teenager on an ATV. The perpetrator was apprehended by police (after running over another person a short distance down the road from Adkins'' house), and Adkins identified him in a picture the police showed him. Ten days later, on April 25, Adkins was found dead in his home.