One blustery snowy morning in December 2005, we awoke to find that our 15 year old daughter, Kristina Calco, had abruptly ended her own life.

Kristina had been approaching her 16th birthday with an excitement which was barely containable. Yet, for some reason unbeknownst to us at the time, this beautiful young girl who on the surface seemed to have just about everything going for her, felt the need to check out of life for good.

We, like many parents in this tragic situation, were left to pick up the pieces. Fortunately for us, in addition to 2 suicide notes, Kristina left behind page after page of detailed journal entries, dozens of MYSPACE personal emails and numerous AOL Instant Messenger Conversation screen prints. We are now able to piece together a timeline for Kristina which begins with Bullying and Teasing from at least the 7th grade on.

This is the story of Kristina Arielle Calco.

She wrote about herself in the summer before 7th grade:

"Hi, I'm Kristina Calco and I'm 12 ½ yrs old going on 13 on Dec. 26 (the day after Christmas aren't I lucky?) You are reading about my life in my preteen/teenage years. Let me tell you a few things about me. I have wavy/curly dark brown hair an inch or two longer than my shoulders and dark.and brown eyes. I wear glasses and am a little pale, not so much anymore because I got tan over the summer. I'm 4 ft 10 ½ (I know I'm short for my age, 20th percentile, but I'm growing.) I'm in 7th grade this year and am dying to be 13 (then I'll finally be a teenager!). I have to get braces really soon & right now I'm wearing a twin block to move my jaw forward.I had an overbite but it's almost gone because my treatment for that will be over soon. Although braces are no walk in the sun, they've got to be better than this! I'm not popular but I'm not a loser and I'm actually pretty shy around other kids, unless I know them well."