Police say jealousy appears to have driven a high school student and her impressionable boyfriend to kill a Madera teen.

Brittany Navarra, 16, and Dustin Robert Gran III, 19, were jailed late Tuesday night and both were charged with murder, robbery, burglary and attempted rape in the death of Krista Pike, 18. Brittany was charged as an adult.

Madera police Sgt. Robert Salas said Brittany had once dated Pike's boyfriend, Tom Hollier, and it appears she persuaded Gran to kill Pike on her behalf.

"There is a scorned-love thing going here," Salas said.

Lynn Hollier, Tom Hollier's father, said that Brittany had called Pike and said she wanted to become friends.

"But it was just a ruse to get [Pike] to trust them, so they could do this," he said. "It's four families that were torn apart. Not just the two," he said of the slaying. "I feel very bad for [Brittany's] family and for [Gran's]."

Lynn Hollier attended a vigil Wednesday night along with several hundred students and friends of Pike, many of whom described a happy young woman with a ready smile who always reached out to others.

"It makes no sense that anybody could do this," Lynn Hollier said. "Not a 16-year-old, not a 19-year-old, not a 49-year-old. They didn't just do this to hurt her. They did it to hurt him," referring to his son.

Salas said Pike died from blunt-force trauma to the neck and head. She was found dead Monday afternoon in the home she shared with Tom Hollier. Pike lived with the Madera High School senior and his father in a Madera subdivision.

At the vigil, Tom Hollier repeatedly choked up as he described falling in love with Pike the first time he met her.

"I saw her and my life got brighter and I was happy," he said. "She was my world and she still is and she always will be."

Pike's father, Russel, told those at the vigil that his daughter would not want them to be bitter.

"She would want more than anything for us to shed tears tonight, hug one another and as the days go on remember to smile, laugh and forgive," he said. "Don't hold grudges. Just go through life caring and helping. That's what Krista would have wanted you to do."

Gwen Perdue, Hollier's aunt, said her nephew discovered Pike's body about 3 p.m. Investigators estimate Pike was attacked between noon and 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Brittany's father John Navarra declined to discuss the case in detail. He did say his daughter is a junior at Madera South High School and was in school at the time of the murder. He also said his daughter had been seeing Gran for about a month and that the two went to movies together.

Madera Unified School District spokesman Jake Bragonier said it appears Brittany was at school both Monday and Tuesday. Madera South High School's regular lunch hour begins at 12:15 p.m. and ends shortly after 1 p.m.

Hollier's home is about three miles from the school and Gran lives within a mile of Hollier's house.

Bragonier said there is no indication that Brittany left campus. The school only allows seniors to leave campus with permission of a vice principal and a parent, Bragonier said.

But Brittany did not need to be present to be charged in the case, said Ernest LiCalsi, Madera County's district attorney.

"The law makes someone a principal if they conspired, aided, abetted or encouraged the actions of the perpetrator and they are just as guilty under California law," LiCalsi said.

Gran's father, Bob, owns the Madera Cinema. Bob Gran referred all questions about his son to his attorneys, Robert McGurty and John Garvin. Garvin did not return calls Wednesday.

Salas said that in initial interviews Gran did not seem upset about Pike's death.

"This kid is devoid of any kind of emotions," Salas said. "It's not like he was deranged or mentally unstable, but when you do things like this it calls into question your mental stability."

Salas also said there appeared to be some "pre-planning on this homicide." He said two weapons were used but would not disclose what they were. He also said there appears to be evidence that Pike was sexually assaulted.

Gran attended Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Madera from August to December 2002. He then transferred to Reyburn Intermediate School in Clovis. He returned as a freshman at Madera High School in August 2003. After completing his sophomore and junior years in Madera, Gran would have been a senior in 2006-2007 but never enrolled, Bragonier said.

Brittany enrolled at Madera High School in August 2005 and transferred to classes at the new Madera South High School in 2006.

Bragonier said there was no record of disciplinary actions in either Brittany or Gran's files.

Hollier's aunt, Perdue, said that Pike and Tom Hollier were going to be married in June, after he graduated from high school. He was planning to join the Navy.

She said Pike's influence on Hollier was extremely positive. "She was like a bright light for him, there was a joy and a beauty that shone from her," Perdue said. "She made him happy."

If convicted, LiCalsi said both Gran and Brittany could receive life prison sentences.

In addition to the murder charge, LiCalsi filed special allegations of lying in wait for Pike, which he said makes it possible for Gran to get the death penalty. Brittany is exempt from the death penalty because of her age.

On a MySpace.com site under Brittany's name, comments posted show a girl dealing with a broken heart. Investigators weren't available to discuss the MySpace.com site or confirm that Brittany produced the content. The site includes photos of Brittany and both Hollier and Gran, who was listed as her boyfriend.

Under Hollier's photo was a message sent on New Year's Eve by Brittany that read: "You can only push a girl away for so long until she walks out of your life on her own. So be careful and make sure this is what you want because once she turns around she isn't coming back."