Police tell CBS 2 HD that they believe they've solved the vicious murder of a New Jersey woman and say the suspect may be connected numerous other murders along the East Coast.

Adam Leroy Lane, a 43-year-old truck driver from North Carolina was arrested and charged in the July 29 murder of 38-year-old Monica Massaro, who was found hacked to death inside her Bloomsbury home. Surveillance video from a truck stop near Massaro's home shows Lane was at that stop the same night of her murder.

"I think we're all grateful he was caught. People were scared. Alarm signs were popping up all over town," said Bloomsbury resident Jeff Kresefsky.

Prosecutors say Lane has admitted to that murder, but that may be just the beginning of a terrifying spree.

Police say just one day after that crime, Lane was in Massachusetts where he broke into a home in Chelmsford dressed as a ninja and tried to rape a teenage girl at knife-point. The victim was not seriously injured in the incident. Her father was able to hear her screams and ran into her bedroom where he pinned Lane down until police arrived.

According to police, when they apprehended Lane they found knives, a mask, and a DVD titled "Hunting Humans" hidden inside the cab of his truck.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that detectives are now checking into the possibility that Lane could be responsible for a series of unsolved murders from North Carolina to Boston, which spans his normal truck route.

Bloomsbury residents had been on edge since Massaro's murder and say they aren't surprised her killer was a truck driver. "The truckers park there all night and they can walk down the street, and that's exactly what happened to her," said resident Heather Lance.