On July 19, a group of BYU-Idaho students were at a swimming hole in Fremont County. It was supposed to be a night of friends and fun, but it quickly turned deadly.

Logan Gerratt, Survived Accident: "Me and Parker just walked away from everyone else so we could talk. The water was only about waist deep and it was pretty calm so we weren't worried about anything. We were just talking and then he turned and took one more step away from me and he just disappeared."

Thus began the worst night of Logan Gerratt's life. Having only been in Idaho a few days, he was with his friends at Monkey Rock. One of them was Parker Bradford, also a freshman at BYU-Idaho.

It was originally thought the two were in a canal when they slipped and were pulled into a whirlpool. But Logan says they were on the other side of the deadly pool in the calm waters when Parker suddenly disappeared.

Gerratt: "I started freaking out and a few seconds later he popped up about 10 to 15 feet upstream."

Not realizing the danger, Logan walked toward his friend but was instantly sucked in as well.

Gerratt: "When Parker first yelled for me to help him, I just thought he couldn't touch or something. i thought he was caught maybe and then when it sucked me in and I couldn't get back on my feet, I knew we were in trouble. Every about 30 seconds we would get a breath. I remember my lungs filling up with water and I just kind of blacked out and I felt my head hit the cement a few times. After about three minutes, I just couldn't do it any longer and I gave up."

During all this, Parker was somehow able to grab on to a bar and scream for help. Regan Hunt heard him so he ran to his truck and grabbed a rope to lower down to his suffering friends.

Regan Hunt, Helped Accident Victims: "It was horrifying. Every once in a while an arm popped out, a leg every once in a while their head. They were pretty much doing constant back flips."

Regan lowered himself into the water and was able to miraculously grab on to both boys. That's when Logan was spit out of the whirlpool toward the waterfall.

Hunt: "Parker got spun around a little bit more. I was trying to grab onto him and he kept slipping. I got him again and the water swept me off my feet and I started getting twirled around in it even with the rope."

Regan Hunt, Helped Accident Victims: "I heard someone say, 'They're going over the waterfall.' I tried to get out as fast as I could."

That's when Regan Hunt, a trained lifeguard, ran over to his friends Logan Gerratt and Parker Bradford and began doing CPR. Other people called for help and an ambulance soon arrived. Parker was taken to Portneuf Medical Center in critical condition. Logan went to Madison Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Logan Gerratt, Survived Accident: "The night I got out of the hospital, me and my parents went and saw him. [It was] the night before he died."

Parker passed away on Saturday, July 21...two days after the accident. During the commotion of that horrible night, he had a chance to be rescued. Instead, he yelled for help and tried to rescue his friend Logan.

Gerratt: "He could have held on long enough that Regan or someone could have pulled him out. He could have got out."

Nate Eaton, Newswatch 3: "But instead he jumped in after you."

Gerratt: "Yes."

Eaton: "I can't imagine that. What is that like?"

Gerratt: "It's really hard."

Eaton: "What keeps you going?"

Gerratt: "The friends, the support."

Friends like Regan, who risked his life by dangling from a rope as he tried to grab the boys.

Hunt: "I'm a swimmer so I wasn't really thinking that I'd be a causality but I had the rope. I love those boys. It was unbelievable how fast we developed friendships. I would have done anything for them."

Eaton: "To think a month ago you didn't even know them."

Hunt: "I know."

Parker's funeral was last Saturday. Friends from all over the world came to say goodbye.

Gerratt: "Best kid I've ever met. He was awesome. Nice to everyone."

Hunt: "Just the funniest kid, always smiling, just everything. What's there not like about him."

Parker loved sports and was talented at playing drums. He was planning on serving an LDS mission in six months, but his friends say two weeks ago he was called on a different mission.

Gerratt: "I know he's in a better place and we can see him again. He's got work to do that's why he's gone."

Hunt: "Heavenly Father wanted to take him and have him start his heavenly mission."

Logan and Regan know they're see Parker again someday, and they believe he's helping them through this hard time.

If he were here right now...

Hunt: "I'd give him a huge hug and tell him I love him. I really miss him."

Gerratt: "I love you man and we know you're doing what you're supposed to. He was called on his mission six months early."

Logan received injuries on his head and has staples in his scalp. Regan broke his wrist as he tried to hang on to the rope.