From Amanda's Profile: On March 27th, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It's stage 4 and I'm doing chemo right now. My last treatment will be May 10th, then the Dr.s will re-test me to see if the chemo helped.

The bad news is, that it spread to my lungs, liver, stomach and pretty much all over my chest and abdomen. So you can say, that day, my life changed. When a Dr. tells you horrible news like that and if you don't do something about it, you will only have 3 months at the most, you're gonna change.

I honestly haven't accepted the fact that I have a serious cancer and I never will. That day, I gave it all to God. Out of all my friends and family, I have been handling this news the best.

I know it's not my time to go. I have the best husband in the world to grow old with, and a son who I adore. I'm going to watch him grow up, get married and have children of his own. Once I go into remission and if I'am able to have more children, I would love to have one more!

We'll just have to wait and see what God has in store. Of course I have my good days and bad days from the chemo treatments, but I live each day like it's my last, because as I have found out... "You never know."

This experience has brought so many of my family and friends closer together. I have the best support in the world and I know that I'm in a lot of prayers. I can't thank people enough for their concern. It means so much! Just know that I'm not going anywhere. I have way too much to do!