The parents of Jeremy Rourke, the 15-year-old killed when another boy hit him in the head with a baseball bat after a youth baseball game, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the boy, his parents, the city and the baseball league.

Brian and Angela Rourke say in the lawsuit that there had been incidents of violence in the past at the Palmdale PONY League field and that steps should have been taken to prevent the fatal attack.

"The criminal case only evaluated the conduct of the boy who swung the bat," said Andrew Bryman, attorney for the Rourkes. "Our case is alleging that there has been inappropriate and improper supervision, and the incident was avoidable and preventable by a number of people who should have done something."

Greg Harris Jr., 13, was sentenced in July to confinement in the California Youth Authority until he is 25 after being convicted of second-degree murder in Juvenile Court.

The younger boy struck Jeremy in the knee, then seconds later hit him in the head with an aluminum bat on April 12 near the Palmdale PONY League baseball field.

Jeremy had teased the boy about losing a game and pushed him, witnesses said. Jeremy died about two hours later at a hospital.

Attorneys for Harris have appealed his conviction. Brian Rourke has formed a foundation aimed at preventing violence in youth sports.

The lawsuit names as defendants Harris, Harris' parents, the city of Palmdale, Palmdale PONY Youth Baseball, Palmdale PONY League and the Antelope Valley Union High School District.

Harris' parents and league representatives could not be reached for comment. The city and high school district denied claims filed against them by the Rourkes in October, the lawsuit said.

Bryman, the Rourke's attorney, said he believes that the city owns the PONY League playing field near 20th Street East and Palmdale Boulevard, and the high school district has jurisdiction over it.

Bryman said Harris took the bat out of a bag and swung two times. "Why were there no adults who could have intervened?" Bryman said.

The lawsuit alleges that "there has been a history of violence at this playing field so that all defendants either knew or in the exercise of reasonable diligence should have known that there was a propensity for violence and should have taken appropriate safety precautions to prevent said incident."

In alleging negligence against the Palmdale PONY League, the lawsuit said the defendants should have known that a failure to provide additional security, a law enforcement presence or parental or league supervision during games "created a danger to students, players and others ... and resulted in decedent Jeremy Rourke being assaulted and killed."

In the claim against the city and the high school district, the lawsuit said they knew or should have foreseen that the playing field, in the absence of adequate security, constituted an unreasonable risk of harm.

When both sets of parents appeared on a November episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Harris' mother, Gigi Harris, said it was an accident and that her son did not intentionally harm Jeremy, but was frightened of the older boy. Jeremy's parents said their son did not bully or provoke the younger boy.