From Keith's Memorial Profile:

The half of a car you're looking at belonged to me, Keith. During the crash that stole my 19 year old life I was thrust into that back seat you don't see there and the roof collapsed like a ton of bricks onto my skull crushing it like a watermelon splattered against a wall. Graphic, huh?

Too many young adults frequent this site, and it's time you people sit up and realize what REALLY killed me! Too much partying, not enough sleep and not paying attention to the road I was driving on! It's that simple really. WAKE UP! TAKE NOTICE TO ME AND TO YOURSELVES!

You need to know what my mom and my little brother, Jesse, viewed on the funeral home gurney after my accident. As the person that my mom is she had to view me to make my death real to her. Jesse said he wanted to view me too. Mom spoke with him briefly and deeply, and said yes, but that he had to wait outside until she had the bag opened and then she'd bring him in. She went in. When she had the bag entirely unzippered, she had to catch her breath. Nothing in her ten years of nursing could have prepared her for this. There lay her beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed son with his skull comminuted in fracture throughout the right side, the brain exposed and avulsed (that meant broken and scattered all over the body bag). She followed with her eyes down my entire body finding all else relatively intact, except for my abdomen, again on the right side which was lanced and disemboweled. At this point, Jesse just walked in. She wanted to say that she told him she'd come get him, but didn’t. He just looked amazed, wide eyed and aghast. And then he turned and walked out. She stayed another few moments. She had to lift my head to see what was on the other side. There was a semblance of a face in disarray. But, she could recognize something of me. Where there was no eye on the right, she could see my bright blue eye on the left for the last time in her world. Then, for the last time also, she kissed her baby on his full, cold, lifeless lips embedded with sand and glass. She said, “Goodbye lovey, I love you always.” That was it.

So, there you are. That's where partying, wrong decision making and driving get you...dead and your mother picking up and viewing your dead pieces with your little brother. Is that how you want it? Do you really want that kind of drama? I'm one of those who believe you get to see it all from the other side. But, what do you think you're thinking from the other side when it's all so permanent? Are ya thinkin', "awe look they're missin' me...guess I'll go back now". Well, there ain't no "goinin' back". This is's it. Bite the big one; push up the daisies; give it to the Reaper; croak; make the big leap; whatever. You're dead, stone-cold-dead. And, dead is never pretty. Many times when you die, you shit your pants. Did you know that? Cruel hard facts, babe. Of recent days I've felt compelled to write you guys about this subject. I had all this out here on my profile page, but the page loaded too slow. I've since had my mom move it to my DWI Informational Blog above. Please review it above. You never know when it will be your last chance....Keith"