Thanksgiving day is usually a time where we come together and celebrate the things we are most thankful for. But for Bolton High School teacher, Ashley Scott (28yrs old), the day held something totally different. Little did she know that she would become Memphis, TN’s 145th Homicide this year.

According to investigators, the trouble started early Thanksgiving morning when the couple got into a heated argument, possibly over a text message Ashley Scott had received. The argument escalated to blows. Ashley Scott was allegedly forced to sleep in the garage where she later died.

While the details of Ashley Scott’s death are still sketchy, it is known that Jeffrey Scott did call a doctor friend to examine his wife hours after the argument occurred. The doctor attempted to perform CPR on Ashley Scott. After the doctor was unable to revive Ashley, Jeffrey Scott called 911. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

Ashley Scott’s husband, Jeffrey Scott (30yrs old), has been charged with first degree murder. A mental evaluation was preformed on Scott at the request of his attorney. This evaluation found that Jeffrey Scott is competent to stand trial, but also noted a serious alcohol problem.

Ashley Scott’s family was unaware of any physical abuse. However Ashley’s friend, Elizabeth Scism says that Mrs. Scott had been suffering from the beating for a while. According to Ms. Scism, Ashley had threatened to leave her husband if the beatings continued. Elizabeth Scism also claims to have e-mails detailing the abuse. The details of those e-mails have not been released to the public.

Bolton High School students have been deeply effected by the death of their beloved teacher. There have been counselors on hand to help the students cope. There was also a candle light vigil around the flag pole on Monday to honor Ashley Scott’s memory. The students have also put together a tribute video for the teacher.